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alhamdulillah be posting anymore, now my previous post that I have ever Download Skin Aimp2 Via-mediafire posts Download Aimp Via-mediafire

There is an easy way to determine a person's concern and seriousness to the music - just ask any software audio player he used to listen to music. If the answer is Windows Media Player, chances are these people just listen to music while passing only. But if it is selected & AIMP foobar2000 there is no doubt that this guy is really serious about listening to music and love music with all my heart.
Ten years ago, pretty decent alternative to replace "folk audio player" Winamp does not yet exist. But now times have changed and little by little his leadership as the most popular audio player from subverted. Although Nullsoft was acquired by AOL in 1999, still not able to deal with at least two major competitors - AIMP & foobar2000. Changes in this position is because a lot of favorite audio player who is no longer able to satisfy the desires of the audience of digital music. And now it says 100% freeware become a powerful magnet to distract the user.

AIMP is a free audio player (freeware) created by Artem Izmaylov a Russian citizen. So actually the name of the audio player, AIMP, is a continuation of Artem Izmaylov Media Player. AIMP brief history was originally a personal project with the name Artem AIMP MMC Pro, then after a while the project was suddenly stopped, and on August 8, 2006, Artem back forward and renamed AIMP Classic. And exactly a year ago to AIMP / AIMP2 with a major update on the display, and the engine were rewritten. Until now player is still actively developed and updated regularly to continually enhanced features and capabilities development team AIMP.

I liked some of AIMP:

1. Fast
2. Light
3. Simple
4. Flexible
5. Functional

for the fans, I love AIMP skin-skin that can make you more like.

[SKIN] Black Ice
Uploaded: 18.10.2009 Size: 85 KB Download

[SKIN] Metal Geard2
Uploaded: 18.10.2009 Size: 192 KB Download

[SKIN] Grand Thef Auto4
Uploaded: 18.10.2009 Size: 104 KB Download

[SKIN] New Black Glass
Uploaded: 07.12.2007 Size: 167.17 KB Download

[SKIN] B&W Lineage
Uploaded: 28.11.2007 Size: 113.28 KB Download